Empowering you to

Move with Curiosity

and Authenticity

Our Story

Welcome to Rebel Yoga Projects. A new creative initiative formed by a collective power of like-minded yoga enthusiasts.

Together we share a common desire… To hold a space where students and teachers can embrace their inner rebel and thrive. This means being curious and authentic. Being ready to explore and express ourselves through inspired movement and mindful workshops.

We encourage you to open your mind, while embracing and experimenting with change. It’s about being brave, nurturing growth and allowing permission for self-evolving checks and balances. But more than anything, it’s about reviving your inner rebel. That inner part of you that challenges, breaks boundaries and sets you free.

We aim to pioneer a new community of modern day yoga creatives in a supportive and inclusive environment.  

There is no age. There is no experience. There is no gender. There is only yoga. Your rebel is waiting.

cool phot yoga prayer

Our Teachers

Our teachers have a wealth of experience and training behind them to guide you on your yoga journey. 

Each are extremely passionate and motivated in their teaching of their own unique practice, leading to a deeper, more connected and empowered you.

Eva Korponai

Eva’s mission is to share all her experiences and learnings and to promote health and wellbeing through yoga, sound and conscious living.

Her life changing yogic journey started in 2000 and over the years she trained extensively in Hatha and Kundalini Yoga, Tantra, Ayurveda, Yoga therapy and sound healing.

Just as she was about to begin to teach yoga, she developed health challenges that led her searching for a ‘cure’ and an even deeper understanding of the correlation between the physical body, our minds and our emotions.  Her spiritual practice kept her sane during the challenging times and since then seeing everything through a different lens.

Real health (both physical and mental) is about building a lifestyle that generates deeper vitality so we can face the challenges of life.  Eva share’s her experience with anyone who wants to learn to live a happy and healthy life.

Danelle is an Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga teacher who loves to impart the powerful practice to any one of any level. What started out merely as a physical exercise several years ago has turned into a strong spiritual practice and fulfilling way of life.

Her teachings are reflective of her education in Mysore, India which is grounded in the traditional lineage of Ashtanga Yoga. While moving through the traditional sequence at a steady pace to detox the body and settle the mind, she shares aspects of yoga beyond the physical technique of asana to support a more sustainable and mindful practice.

Her classes provide aspects of cardio, strength, flexibility, focus and breath. Expect genuine classes that are appreciative of the progress and spirit of the students.

Danelle Veldsman

Danelle in Prayer pose

Jo Green

Jo’s journey began just like many others; very simply, she wanted to be able to touch her toes. She began practising Yoga for its physical benefits such as strength & flexibility but soon I realised that it was much more powerful than anticipated. She fell in love with the practice & the positive effects it had on both her mind & body, on and off the mat.

She has trained in Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Rocket and Yin & wholeheartedly believes that balance is key in every aspect of life; where we have Yang, we must have Yin. She hopes to have you leaving any one of her classes feeling a combination of relaxed, rejuvenated & empowered.

She is an extremely motivated & passionate yoga teacher & takes great influence from everyday life and those around her. For Jo, your practice is just that, your practice, unique to you & not to be compared to anyone else. Each of you is on your own individual journey and she aims to create a space where you feel motivated, safe & challenged (at times) but never overwhelmed, a space that encourages you to experience each moment for yourself in a fun & playful way. She wants you to look forward to stepping onto your mat time & time again.

Jo loves to see how her students develop & advance in their practice. In her eyes each yogi is on their own, individual journey & she is honoured to be a part of the process.